System Sales And Leasing

Full Funktion Audio are the exclusive distributors of Funktion-One loudspeaker systems throughout New Zealand. Our exclusive sales and support network offers the very best in professional audio equipment for installation and for touring applications. With a wealth of experience in sound design and engineering, we can ensure optimal deployment for all your requirements, delivering unparalleled quality at extremely competitive rates. Funktion-One sound systems are really in a class of their own, with many of the world's top clubs and bands insisting on them.

System Hires

When you next require sound for an event, why not take it to the next level, and experience the sonic excellence of high-end Funktion-One loudspeakers, XTA digital signal processors (incorporating active speaker management), combined with Funktion-One (MC2) amplifiers. Regardless of the size required, we can provide to you a system that will accommodate any audience, whether your function is but a small social gathering, or a larger event consisting of thousands of screaming fans, and anything in between. Simply forward details as to your requirements and be assured of a rapid response from our team.

Live Sound/Audio/Lighting Engineering

With 20+ years experience in music production throughout N.Z. and around the globe, encompassing sound reinforcement, lighting production, and event promotion, we at Full Funktion can provide quality sound and lighting engineers with experience in countless different genres, whether it be classical or theatric performance, festivals, rock, electronica, or jazz concerts, or events of a corporate nature. Our team have recognized qualifications in sound reinforcement, audio engineering, lighting production and event production and management, not to mention the all important years of practical experience. As such we have formed a specialized group with the ability to utilize and apply their expertise in all areas which may be required.

Sound Design

The art of professional sound design is often quite misunderstood and involves a delicate touch, utilizing the custom application and specification of sound equipment, depending on the space involved. These all vary according to the type of performance, venue size(s) and location(s), or whether a long term “hard wired” fixed installation is required. Not all our sound designs may necessarily totally involve Funktion-One products. Depending on the application, or if unforeseen conditions or restrictions come into play, other compatible components or systems may be utilized without compromising the quality or performance of the system design.

Product Management

The management of live concert, DJ and corporate events is another service we can offer. We have successfully managed events around the world including DJ-Electronica “Dance Parties” featuring renowned international artists, high impact corporate events, music and arts festivals, pageants, sporting events, rock concerts, and even theatrical productions. Artists and organizations include MaxOut '07, the Lothlorien Music Festival, Corporate Boxing New Zealand, Relay for Life charity event (NZ Cancer Society), the recent 'Save the Humpback Whale' awareness concert in association with the New Zealand Department of Conservation, the Miss Franklin (Universe) pageants, the Pendragons Worlds Best Magic Show (HK-1996), Galliano Urban Species (HK), Roberta Flack (HK), The Beach Boys (Mike Love) (HK), Rebirth of Cool (HK), the re-opening of Hong Kong's famous Peninsula Hotel, Royal HK Yacht Club, corporate events for major business corporations (HK), Club for Life (sound support), super club Renaissance club tours (HK), Thailand's (in)famous 'Full Moon' and 'Secret Beach' parties, the co-design of Santa Fe Nightclub (Koh Samui, Thailand), Clueless System (UK), the now infamous Nocturnal (est.1997-NZ) feat. Laurence Nelson, and most recently, the formation of Boogie Monster (est.2006-NZ), Hell Pizza (NZ) annual staff Halloween party 05 & 06, .........

Events - Conception, Organization and Promotion

From the design of promotional fliers and advertising material, to total media promotion, we offer both the skills and experience to ensure that your event has the necessary image and impact desired. Additional assistance is offered with regards to venues, props, lighting production, DJs, live entertainment, and even “turn-key” project management of events. With over two decades hands-on experience in N.Z, Thailand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, our strategic and creative approach to any event has always ensured an excellent result.